31.12.09 by Jeff

64 photos by 64 photographers

First off, thank you all for making Booooooom such an awesome little community. I have so much fun working on this site every day (and night). I’m really excited to show you the things I have lined up for this next year, but more on that later!

Rather than compile a boring year-end “best of” list, I’ve gathered 64 photos by 64 photographers that I came across in 2009. The photos weren’t necessarily produced this past year, I simply encountered them for the first time in the last 365 days.

I’ve been sitting here, staring at these photographs for a few hours now, and I’ve decided I’d like nothing more than to remember each of them until the day I die.

I hope you enjoy them. Happy New Year!

adriana petit photographer photography muso fantasma

Adriana Petit

asako narahashi photographer photography water asleep japanese

Asako Narahashi

emir ozsahin emir özs¸ahin photographer photography

Emir Ozsahin

keith davis young

Keith Davis Young

kanako sasaki

Kanako Sasaki

david wilson photographer photography

David Wilson

william hundley photographer photography

William Hundley

seth fluker photography photographer vancouver london

Seth Fluker

tommy forbes photography photographer

Tommy Forbes

will rogan photographer photography

Will Rogan

tema stauffer photographer photography

Tema Stauffer

nina hartmann photography photographer polaroid film

Nina Hartmann

paul herbst photographer photography

Paul Herbst

letha wilson art photo sculptures artist project

Letha Wilson

jackson eaton photographer photography

Jackson Eaton

leon batchelor photography photographer

Leon Batchelor

elspeth diedrix artist photographer

Elspeth Diederix

chiara balza photographer photography

Chiara Balza

zach genin photography photographer hellosunrise flickr

Zach Genin

megan matthers photography photographer

Megan Matthers

camil tulcan photographer photography

Camil Tulcan

bryan schutmaat photographer photography

Bryan Schutmaat

peter sutherland photographer photography

Peter Sutherland

madi ju photographer photography

Madi Ju

sophie curtis photographer photography

Sophie Curtis

daniel shea photographer photography chicago

Daniel Shea

briony ridley photographer photography

Briony Ridley

melanie bonajo photographer photography

Melanie Bonajo

rj shaughnessy photographer photography

RJ Shaughnessy

lele saveri photographer photography

Lele Saveri

hannah davis photographer photography

Hannah Davis

hasisi park seoul south korea photographer photography

Hasisi Park

garry trinh photographer photography

Garry Trinh

jolijn snijders amsterdam photography photographer fashion portrait

Jolijn Snijders

tim walker hermes spring catalog

Tim Walker

ana cuba bububob flickr photographer photography

Ana Cuba

tamara lichtenstein photographer photography

Tamara Lichtenstein

john clang photographer photography open wound

John Clang

cristin sloan photographer photographer

Cristin Sloan

robin schwartz photographer photography amelia

Robin Schwartz

lane coder photographer photography

Lane Coder

li yu liu bo photographer photography

Li Yu & Liu Bo

annette pehrsson photography photographer

Annette Pehrsson

jake deshazo photographer photography

Jake Deshazo

david meskhi photographer photography Tbilisi Georgia

David Meskhi

paul damato photographer photography

Paul D’Amato

tom chudley photographer photography

Tom Chudley

growing up patrick tsai coley brown photographer photography new york

Patrick Tsai

jaap scheeren photographer photography

Jaap Scheeren

lina scheynius photographer photography

Lina Scheynius

charlie engman photographer photography

Charlie Engman

carolin walch photographer photography

Carolin Walch

luca dinosaur campri photographer photography

Luca Dinosaur Campri

tim barber tiny vices photographer photography curator online gallery

Tim Barber

tatum shaw photographer photography

Tatum Shaw

sylvain emmanuel prieur paris photographer photography

Sylvain-Emmanuel Prieur

jeff luker photographer photography nyc

Jeff Luker

bas princen photographer photography

Bas Princen

Lukasz Wierzbowski photography photographer

Lukasz Wierzbowski

margaret durow photographer photography

Margaret Durow

jennilee marigomen photographer photography vancouver

Jennilee Marigomen

jeff jacobson photographer photography

Jeff Jacobson

nigel bennett computer throw photographer photography

Nigel Bennett

lin zhipeng photographer photography

Lin Zhipeng

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • there’s technically 65 photographers since one is a duo.

  • So good!

  • Cool. The best 2009 in review yet. Looking forward to a Boooooooming 2010.

  • thanks for all great post that you have make during all these year, so i come here for to wish a superperfect new year for you and that you continue to inspire all of us!!! thanks thanks thankssss

    • thanks patricia – superperfect – im gonna start using that word

  • jen

    Thanks Jeff. I love your selection – so many of these photos that you chose are my favorites of this year too. Have a great 2010!

  • great work all this year, your website became my new drug !!
    congratulation to all photographers

    badabooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom for 2010

  • Loving these photos, thanks for collecting them all in one post. Happy New Year man!

  • Wow, this is an inspiring selection of photos. 2009 was a year to remember! Thanks for the post – Happy Happy 2010!

  • Podutro

    Happy New Year, Jeff!

  • Fantastic post! I love your site. Keep up the awesome work in 2010.

  • Geo

    I’m IN LOVE WITH BOOOOOOOM!!! uhuuuuu!!!…!!

  • Geo

    Happy New Year!!!

  • MMC

    Love it! Something to look through during a slow work day. Thanks, Jeff! And Happy New Year!

  • wonderful shots ……………………..
    :-) ……amazing wow

  • Happy new year jeff! thaks for this awesome site! me encantaron las fotos, mucho amor desde Guatemala City!:]

  • Tima

    Thank you for this amazing site. This fantastic post and more to come!
    Happy new year =)

  • An exquisite list!

  • fabulous!!!!


    Jeff do you modify the colors on all of these photos or do you only accept photos that have that color scheme?

  • bert

    thank you for this space, I visit it everyday and you sure do a lovely work.
    Thank you for this compilation is very nice to get to know your vision as well.

    Happy new years!

  • Joel

    Thanks for an amazing post, and an awesome year! Happy New Year!

  • Thanks so much for this post! The photos are all lovely. I like how they all seem to have the same tone, so to speak. About finding the self, seeing the beautiful in the sublime, the secret loveliness of being human and our constant struggle between beauty and banality.

    A very good way to enter a new year, thinking about the beauty that so often lies beneath, as long as we look for it.

    • i’ve never been able to fully describe the common thread between a lot of the photographers i feature here but maybe ill just memorize what you just said and use that haha. i think there is definitely a similar spirit or tone in these and many of them are about little magic moments in the everyday

  • pbo

    you’re amazing! thank you! super new year to you.

  • Fantastic! Wonderful shots! Happy New Year!!

  • awesome selection Jeff,

    well done on all your posts, your blog is a great inspiration

    happy new year !

  • Nice collection Jeff, some of those are favorites of mine as well, especially that first one. Sheesh! I can get lost in these.

  • Thanks you guys!! It was reallly fun to go back through all the old posts and I could have easily made this 100 photos by 100 photographers (maybe I should have).

  • lapetitefaon

    Sigh, these are so beautiful!!!! and I can’t wait for another year with Booooooom! Same gratitude as all of the other readers! This place is such a happy place :D

  • Great collection. A couple standouts I don’t have time to mention, but happy new year and def. best to an artful 2010 my friend… easy Jeff! Talk in the new year.

  • Cho-Wai Ben Fung

    Thanks Jeff! Happy New Year Everyone! All the best!

  • Just excellent…..

    Amazing how may amazing photos you can come across on the internet.

  • These are wonderful. They make me look forward to life. Thanks.

  • Inspirational. Jealousy. Awe.

  • perfect

  • =)))))))) Happy New Year Booooooom!
    Thank you Jeff – so many of these are favorites from ’09 and some I missed the first time around. What a great way to start the new year.

  • great post. i really enjoy seeing these photos/photographers. wonderful & very inspiring. wishing you a happy & healthy new year. :)

  • That’s some cool photos.
    Happy New Year!

  • Vuh

    Good post :)

  • Excellent collection of photographs! Happy New Year!

  • Pamela

    I love all the photos and would have a terribly hard time choosing a favorite. Some of the best pictures I’ve ever seen. Thank you so much for your inspiring blog. It is a persnal favorite of mine. Happy New Year!

  • so lovely

  • I <3 your unusual pick of photos. I really respect this site and the activities you have on it. I live in Jordan (Middle East) let me know if you want to do anything here… Lets collaborate:) Cheers.


    always love coming to booom for a bit of inspiration, well done

  • Lily

    for some reason, the photo of the toast on the window-sill made me smile.
    that photo is just perfect,
    thank you, boooooom

  • lovely

  • rob

    some amazing images here! Jolijn Snijder’s work I like a lot

  • Great! Happy New Year 2010.

  • wow!

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  • These are so good. I don’t even know what to do with myself.

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  • awesome!!!

  • Lea Zikri

    im all the way from Malaysia and stumble upon boooom.com early 2009, and been addicted since! I would like to say great job in creating a community where creativity meets. & the photos are wonderful and inspiring, it triggers different emotions and brought out lots of memories. I hope for more wonderful things for boooom in 2010! love.

  • HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone ~!!!

  • totally rad ! Like sayreeuslee brah !

    Happy New year t’y’allz !

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  • Really wonderful. Found this blog via the Rumpus. Good find for the New Year.

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  • great selection! your blog is definitely one of the best i’ve come across in 2009. to quote iain, looking forward to a boooooooming 2010. :)

  • I love these :) It reminds me of some of the photos of where i work, especially the landscape ones. The project i work for is all about saving cultures through art, music, and film. Art that captures human and natural elements always catch my eye. Awesome job.

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  • Savannah

    oh man was that ever a treat. what a joy to sort through. thank you for creating this community jeff, and for creating a space where like minded people can float through the internet every day. awesome awesome awesome.

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  • SWEEEEEEEEEET :) thanks for making yourself the work!

  • So, Life is beautifull after all!
    Thanks for collecting prooves.

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  • llanboyo

    these are soo good :)

  • Very good selection here. Congratulations to all those creative photographers and to the very open minded person who made this choice. I’m just discovering this blog. Wonderful ! you made my day.

  • Lovely. So interesting how people can live, capture and expressing theirself in so many ways using just one language, the photography.

    How do you chose the photographers?

    Thanks a lot

    Caue Ito – Brazil

  • Daniela C.

    i really love the Zach Genin one…makes you smile instantly.♥

  • BOOOOOOOM is so awesome, just stumbled upon it. it is so amazingly personal. cheers

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  • Zoe

    frikin awsome website

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  • Awesome idea ….: )

  • Thanks for the last 24 hours I passed travelling between New York and Melbourne. Great selection! this post made me have so much ideas I think my year of photography is booked!

  • Love those photos!

  • so

    gosh i should’ve bookmarked this one. doing that now haha :)

  • satya

    These photos are fantastic and so cool

  • OCS

    Asako Narahashi is nothing but a genius. Love the style!

  • Excellent set of photos !Some of them are simply awesome

  • Really like your blog ,because are very interesting articles here ,thanks for that .I will return later for other items.

  • God… what a boring, cliché collection of photos. I have no idea what the rest of you see in these, they just made me yawn.

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