Fav Photos Found In 2016: 75 Photos By 75 Photographers

This week I took a look back through all the amazing photography we featured this year and wittled it all down to a selection of 75 photos by 75 photographers (actually 80 photographers as there were a few duos). If you’re a newer Booooooom reader and haven’t seen our previous year-end posts, check them out here: 20152014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009.

I wanna clarify that not all of these photos were shot this past year (many of them were), they are simply images I discovered during the past 12 months. Hope you enjoy this collection of images! I’d also love to hear from you which photographers and images you discovered this year (on Booooooom or elsewhere). Which images stuck with you, what did your 2016 look like?


75 photos by 75 photographers

(found in 2016)


Masaaki Miyazawa


Cristina de Middel


Marlen Mueller


Quentin Shih


Martin Usborne


Maimouna Guerresi


Hansol Choi


Han Cheng Yeh


Ori Gersht


Marc Alcock


Alex Markow


Angel Albarrán and Anna Cabrera


Amy Harrity


Amy Li


Florent Tanet


Adam Birkan


Jesse Salto


Paul Garcia


Denis Cherim


Simon Deadman


Kerry Skarbakka


Melanie Metz


James Nizam


Adrian Samson


Brock Davis


Arianna Lago


Lane Coder


Heikki Kaski


Daniel Shea


Shaughn Crawford and John DuBois


Fanny Schlichter


Yoshimitsu Umekawa


Fabien Vilrus


Erik Snyder


Mark Sanders


Evelyn Bencicova


Jared Fowler


Nik Mirus


Boe Marion


Ke Peng


Rupert Vandervell


Jeff Hahn


Roos van de Kieft


Maija Savolainen


Morgan Ashcom


Hollie Fernando


Kourtney Roy


Doug DuBois


Inka Lindergard and Niclas Holmstrom


Sam Stone


Yutaka Kagaya


Tess Roby


Justin Guthrie


Thomas Prior


James Nizam


Lara Gasparotto


Vincent van de Wijngaard


Jalan and Jibril Durimel


Nils Ericson


Erik Lovold


Alexi Hobbs


Aso Mohammadi


Susanna Majuri


Carlo Piro


Fred Lahache


Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek


Kimiko Nishimoto


Ben Roberts


Jason Larkin


Tom Craig


Clayton Woodley


Morgan Lugo


Sanja Marusic


Fabian Schubert and Hank Schmidt in der Beek


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