21.09.15 by Jeff

Animation: Prefuse 73 “Still Pretending”


Animator Adam Fuchs aka Lilfuchs channels a little M.C. Escher in this animation for Prefuse 73’s track “Still Pretending”. I feel like the wavy ramp may be a little nod to the classic pinball animation from Sesame Street. Watch the video below.

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17.09.15 by Jeff

Animation of the Day: “Made In China”


Love the simplistic style of this animation by Vincent Tsui, as a student at Gobelins in Paris. Pretty melancholic vibe as toys attempt to act like humans, kinda reminds me of parts of Truman Show when Truman starts to realise his world is fake. Watch “Made In China” below.

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15.09.15 by Staff

Animation of the Day: “Drum = Animation”


Neat little video by Paris-based drummer and motion designer, Colin Toupé. Watch below as Toupé combines his two loves, triggering animation with his e-drum!

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14.09.15 by Jeff

Animation: “Fushigi Man” by Julian Glander


Pittsburgh-based illustrator Julian Glander created this little animation for Himuro Yoshiteru’s “Fushigi Man” EP. Watch it below.

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07.09.15 by Staff

Animation: Villagers “Hot Scary Summer”


Perfect for anybody still in denial that Summer is basically over. Villagers’ low-fi track pairs wonderfully with the hi-tech, abstract animation by Hi-Sim Studios. Watch “Hot Scary Summer” below!

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07.09.15 by Staff

Animation: Rashida Jones “California Inspires Me”


Wonderful little animation by Jack Cunningham for the California Inspires Me project! This instalment features the voiceover of Rashida Jones, musing on her life and childhood growing up in California. Watch the full video below.

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03.09.15 by Jeff

Animation: Ethereal ft. Lord Narf “Bump”


Aaron Vinton and Pete Puskas direct this glitched out 3D animated video for Ethereal and Lord Narf’s song “Bump” that travels deep into the uncanny valley. I always wonder if these kinds of videos annoy 3D animators or not. I have no way to gauge the amount of work it takes to produce this effect; is it an intentionally bad scan of a room using a Kinect camera?

Maybe someone can enlighten me with regard to the process in the comments below. For the time being, ignorance is bliss. Watch “Bump” below.

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01.09.15 by Jeff

8-Bit Miyazaki Films: Spirited Away & Princess Mononoke


This one’s for all you Hayao Miyazaki fans, a Studio Ghibli double feature by David Dutton, created as part of his “8-Bit Cinema” series. Animated classics, Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke, get brilliantly reinterpreted as old school video games. I just wish these were actually playable! Watch the films below!

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