18.04.14 by Jeff

Beautiful Flip-Books Made From Recycled Bike Parts by Artist Juan Fontanive



These flip-books by artist Juan Fontanive are incredible, I’ve never seen an animation feel this alive before. Fontanive builds the mechanisms by recycling old parts from bicycles and clocks, and hand draws, paints, and screen prints images onto paper.

Watch the videos below, the sounds that the machines make are a beautiful compliment to the movement of the animations. These are maybe my favourite works I’ve ever posted.

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17.04.14 by Jeff

Alex Gibbs


Paintings by Alex Gibbs. More below.

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16.04.14 by Jeff

Winnie Truong


“Rites of Passage”, gorgeous new drawings by artist Winnie Truong currently up at Galleri Benoni (Copenhagen). Lots more below.

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15.04.14 by Jeff

Liisa Kruusmagi


Drawings by Liisa Kruusmagi. Found via April Submissions. More below.

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15.04.14 by Jeff

Sashiko Yuen


Drawings by Sashiko Yuen. Los Angeles. More below.

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14.04.14 by Jeff

Anna Conway


Paintings by Anna Conway. More below.

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14.04.14 by Jeff

Aakash Nihalani


Some new works by Aakash Nihalani, from “Vantage”, his solo exhibition at Wunderkammern. More below.

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10.04.14 by Jeff

Rachel Wolfson


If I understand this correctly, this work by Rachel Wolfson is made by generating a bunch of texture maps in a 3D program. She splits them up, and uses them to make gouache paintings. The final work is made by assembling these painted versions back together.

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