11.04.13 by Jeff


Photographers Synchrodogs Tania Shcheglova and Roman Noven
Photos by Tania Shcheglova and Roman Noven, a duo from Ukraine making work under the name Synchrodogs. The pair have just released a book called “Byzantine”. More images below!

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27.11.12 by Jeff


swiss danish artist duo putput
Swiss/Danish artist duo PUTPUT has been posting some brilliant work over on the Der Greif blog (I told you it was my fav).

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29.08.12 by Jeff


Works by STEN and LEX. Watch the videos below!

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28.05.12 by Jeff

Maurits Giesen & Ilse Leenders

Mimicry photos by Maurits Giesen & Ilse Leenders
“Mimicry”, photos by Maurits Giesen & Ilse Leenders.

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27.03.12 by Jeff

Low Bros

Hamburg Germany Artist duo Low Bros
Paintings by QBRK and NERD also known as Low Bros.

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11.05.10 by Jeff

01 Magazine / No.5

01 Magazine issue No.5 is out, get over there!

zero1 magazine 01 no.5 duo
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