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15 Memorable and Most-Viewed Posts on Booooooom in 2017

I was looking back at the 100 most popular posts from this past year and selected 15 of them to highlight here. It’s always interesting to me when certain posts I think will get shared a lot don’t really connect with anyone, and even more fascinating when the reverse happens. I thought my interview with James Jean about his film posters for Blade Runner 2049, mother! and The Shape of Water would get shared a bit, but it exploded when Guillermo del Toro tweeted about it.

Two of our most-read articles were Editor Picks highlighting the work of Brooke DiDonato and Cody Cobb. Editor Picks are pulled directly out of what’s submitted to us by our members so that should be incentive for all of you to submit work to us! People wanna see what you’re making!

1. People Discover Their Doppelgängers Are Actually Works of Art

There’s something quite compelling about these happy accidents (although there’s a fine line here where the image loses all of its magic if it looks like the person intentionally dressed up to look like an artwork). Recognize the guy in the last image?

2. An Interview with James Jean — Creating Posters for Blade Runner 2049 and the Year’s Most Anticipated Films

I really enjoyed James’ answers in this interview, all the insights into his work, and I’m still trying to figure out the hidden messages in the poster for mother!

3. “Wardrobe Snacks” by Creative Duo Michelle Maguire & Kelsey McClellan

Images from this collaboration between Columbus, Ohio-based stylist Michelle Maguire and San Francisco-based photographer Kelsey McClellan kept popping up throughout the year. The attention to detail and the overall absurdity of the idea made for a memorable series.

4. Electronic Brand Alphabet by Designer Vinicius Araújo

From Apple to Zenith, beautifully rendered type in the style of a different brand for each letter. I never knew how much I wanted a Nintendo shaped like a letter N.

Brooke Didonato

5. Editor Pick: Brooke DiDonato

New York-based photographer Brooke DiDonato expresses how strange it can feel to return your hometown. This was definitely one of our favourite submissions from our members this year.

6. People Dressed Exactly The Same as Random Things

Similar to the Museum Doppelgängers and the Wardrobe Snacks series only these serendipitous moments involve a person’s clothing unintentionally matching a random object like a bottle or a rug. I feel like this happens a lot but the ones where two different patterns match are pretty amazing.

7. People Struggle to Draw Popular Brand Logos From Memory

This was a surprising one, I thought it was interesting but I didn’t think it would get shared as much as it did. 156 Americans were given 30 minutes to draw 10 famous brand logos.

8. Magic Hour Photo Club Project Submissions

You guys submitted so many amazing images to our first Magic Hour Photo Club project! We made 4 gallery posts of our fav submissions and they were all among our most viewed articles this year. This image above is by Monty Kaplan — take a look at all of our favs: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

9. Klemens Schillinger Dreams up Substitute Phones to Overcome Smartphone Addiction

I feel like the popularity of fidget spinners this year had a lot to do with our smartphone addictions and our need to have a little object in our hands at all times.

Cody Cobb

10. Editor Pick: Cody Cobb

We’re big fans of Cody around here, and apparently you guys are too. This was one of our most-viewed photo posts this year and another example of the amazing submissions from our members.

Sign Painter John Oliver Signs

11. Satisfying Video of John Oliver Sign Painting on Car Windshields

I posted a gif in our Secret Email club and asked for help identifying the man in the clip. You guys came through and helped me connect with (and interview) sign painter John Oliver. Definitely one of the most satisfying things I saw all year.

12. Illustrator Spotlight: Yoriyuki Ikegami

This was another post I never expected would get viewed as much as it did. I think the naive dream-like style of Yoriyuki’s work can seep into your brain and many of the images get permanently imprinted on your mind without you realising it.

Rug paintings by Jason Seife

13. Obsessively Detailed Rug Paintings by Jason Seife

Jason Seife put his own spin on traditional Persian rugs with a series of paintings that had all the right elements to get picked up on many art sites around the web.

14. Dysfunctional Household Objects by Katerina Kamprani

Quite possibly the most mildly infuriating series of sculptures ever created. Love these (and hate them so much).

15. Meticulously Arranged Objects by Artist Adam Hillman

I love this image of the matches, the one with the paperclips, and the staples.

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