15.04.15 by Jeff

Michael Kvium


Paintings by Danish artist Michael Kvium. More images below.

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15.04.15 by Zach Tutor

Lou Ros


Recent paintings by French artist Lou Ros.  More of his work is below.

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14.04.15 by Jeff

Athens-based Artist Constantine Lianos


Drawings and paintings by Athens, Greece-based artist Constantine Lianos. More images below.

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13.04.15 by Jeff

Whitney Bedford


Paintings by Los Angeles-based artist Whitney Bedford. More images below.

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13.04.15 by Jeff

Benjamin Moravec


Paintings by artist Benjamin Moravec. More images below.

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10.04.15 by Jeff

Plants Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles by Artist Veronika Richterová


Love these cactus plant sculptures made out of recycled plastic bottles by Czech artist Veronika Richterová. I’m totally gonna make some of these for my apartment! Lots more plants below!

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10.04.15 by Jeff

“Map Tapestries” by Artist Hannah Waldron


New weavings based on places, by artist Hannah Waldron, from her “Map Tapestries” series. More images below.

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09.04.15 by Jeff

“A Risky Jump” by Artist Scott Billings


Love this piece by Vancouver-based artist Scott Billings, currently on show at WAAP. “A Risky Jump” is a kinetic sculpture that projects a video clip as it moves. This gave me so many ideas! Watch the video below!

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