24.12.10 by Jeff

75 photos by 75 photographers

It is a little overwhelming for me to look at how much this place has grown in the last 12 months. Our monthly traffic now tops 3.2 million pageviews with visitors coming from more than 200 different countries. More than 27,000 of you follow Booooooom on Twitter, and our Facebook family has grown to nearly 42,000!

So I want to thank all of you! It was your support for the site that allowed me to bring our Small Victories show to Hong Kong and then follow it up with another show here in Vancouver! It was also your incredible submissions to our Little Drifters project that spread all over the internet like dandelion seeds, inspiring people as far away as Armenia to launch similar projects. The kind of community we have here is rare, I don’t see it on any other site. Thanks for spending so much time around here, commenting on articles, getting involved in projects, sharing links on Twitter, and interacting with each other on Facebook! I feel really blessed to call this a job.

This next year I’ll be doing my best to continue cultivating a community of creative people (and aliteration). I will continue hunting and gathering art but I also have a few things planned that are bigger than anything I’ve attempted so far. So I’m a little anxious. It’s good to be anxious I think! I hope my successes this year outnumber my failures, but if I don’t fail a bunch in 2011 it will mean I didn’t try hard enough.

Last year I posted 64 photos by 64 photographers.

This year I’ve collected 75 photos by 75 photographers that I came across in 2010. These photos weren’t necessarily produced this year, I simply encountered them for the first time in the last 12 months.

I’m gonna take a week off and spend Christmas holidays with my family. I’ll be back at it first week of January!

Happy New Year you guys! Enjoy the photos!

75 photos by 75 photographers

(found in 2010)

Photographer Margareth Doorduin

Margareth Doorduin

photographer photography kotori kawashima

Kotori Kawashima

Geoffrey Cottenceau and Romain Rousset one art work portfolio gneborg sculpture photography

Geoffrey Cottenceau + Romain Rousset

james nizam vancouver camera obscura artist visual photographer photography

James Nizam

photographer ume kayo

Kayo Ume

kuni takahashi photographer photography

Kuni Takahashi

Photographer Anastasia Cazabon photography

Anastasia Cazabon

clare kelly

Clare Kelly

pedro ramos photographer photography australia

Pedro Ramos

jennilee marigomen photographer photography

Jennilee Marigomen

Family Stuff by photographers Huang Qingjun & Ma Hongjie

Huang Qingjun + Ma Hongjie

kyle scully vancouver photographer photography play with fire

Kyle Scully

photographer photography nicholas alan cope

Nicholas Alan Cope

Photographer Mikaylah Bowman photography

Mikaylah Bowman

alex welsh photographer photography

Alex Walsh

phyllis galembo photographer photography west african masquerade

Phyllis Galembo

Photographer Bradford Gregory photography

Bradford Gregory

nicholas hance mcelroy photographer photography

Nicholas Hance McElroy

nina ahn photographer photography

Nina Ahn

olivia crawford photographer photography

Olivia Crawford

matthieu lavanchy photographer photography

Matthieu Lavanchy

sean marc lee photographer photography

Sean Marc Lee

hin chua photographer photography after the fall photo series

Hin Chua

ashlie chavez photographer photography

Ashlie Chavez

marlon kowalski photographer photography

Marlon Kowalski

kelley smith photographer photography

Kelley Smith

Photographer Michael Schmelling

Michael Schmelling

tang chan photographer photography china

Tang Chan

susanna hesselberg photographer photography

Susanna Hesselberg

Photographer Bettina Lauck photography

Bettina Lauck

photographer photography ana-marija cupin serbia

Ana-Marija Cupin

laurie kang photographer photography

Laurie Kang

photographer photography stephane obadia

Stéphane Obadia

dan allegretto photographer photography

Dan Allegretto

photographer photography bryan lear

Bryan Lear

Artist photographer photography Olaf Bruening

Olaf Breuning

Photographer Emma Hardy photography

Emma Hardy

mitsuko nagone photographer photography

Mitsuko Nagone

The Dead Photos by Tom Phillips photography series project

Tom Phillips

matthew tammaro photographer photography

Matthew Tammaro

charles negre photographer photography

Charles Negre

berni searle photographer photography

Berni Searle

shiri lee webb photographer photography

Shiri Lee Webb

john elio reitman photographer

John-Elio Reitman

eylul aslan photographer photography

Eylül Aslan

elmo tide photographer photography

Elmo Tide

photographer photography rebecca marino

Rebecca Marino

richard mosse photographer photography quick infrared film kodak aerochrome congo

Richard Mosse

claudine doury photographer photography

Claudine Doury

espen friberg

Espen Friberg

elizabeth weinberg photographer photography

Elizabeth Weinberg

michael ormerod photgrapher photography

Michael Ormerod

Photographer Ozant Kamaci photography series pause

Özant Kamaci

photographer photography andrew bush 66 drives car portraits

Andrew Bush

Photographer Alex Cretey-Systermans

Alex Crétey-Systermans

photographer ariel rosenbloom photography

Ariel Rosenbloom

photographer photography leo le bug

Leo Le Bug

photographer steven brahms photography

Steven Brahms

photographer photography aaron schuman once upon a time in the west

Aaron Schuman

photographer photography casey mcgonagle

Casey McGonagle

photographer photography juan chao

Juan Chao

photographer photography justin waldron

Justin Waldron

photographer photography alex prager

Alex Prager

photographer photography kavin wong

Kavin Wong

photographer photography ambroise tezenas

Ambroise Tézenas

photographer photography amira fritz

Amira Fritz

photographer photography juul hondius

Juul Hondius

china copy artist by photographer photography michael wolf

Michael Wolf

photographer matt eich photography

Matt Eich

photographer photography venetia dearden

Venetia Dearden

photographer photography hideaki hamada

Hideaki Hamada

photographer photography mou hoo

Mou Hoo

photographer photography anna liisa liiver

Anna Liisa Liiver

Photographer Noemie Goudal

Noemie Goudal

photographer photography pepa hristova

Pepa Hristova

2009 edition: 64 photos by 64 photographers

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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  • Wow awesome post. Thanks! Merry Christmas!

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    Best post ever! Just found this site this year and I’m glad I did. I’ll never stop visiting as long as you’re on the web. Merry Christmas!

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    Great Shots, Merry Christmas!

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  • excellent show! thank you. Merry Christmas and may 2011 be wonderfully delicious.

  • Felix Acuna

    Thank you for your work and these pictures! I love how the transition from Steven Brahms to Kavin Wong

  • with great love from russia, siberia. stay on this way )

  • Great post! Can’t wait to see just how much this thing can grow.

  • awesome! damn i’m in fucking amazing company here!

  • fiorella

    love them all! it’s great to stare at them once again and recall my excitement when i first saw each one of them. your work makes my days happier by reminding me of how much beauty and awesomeness is around us. thanks so much!

  • great post, enjoyed looking at this fine selection!


    Merry Christmas to everybody! I also found this incredible web this year, and it gave me so much ideas and interesting information i could never thank enough. It`s for sure this 2011 i`m going to be here! Thank you again for this wonderful place!

  • FruitSnacks

    Fantastic all the way around, great collection!

  • Alex

    Thank you for this. Here’s to another wonderful year of discovery and creation.

  • Niko

    We love you Jeff!

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  • Nice look back on all the great ones of 2010!

  • (L) thanks a lot

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    glorious collection as always! I love Booooooom!

  • gran colección un gran saludo en estas fiestas y un muy feliz año nuevo. éxito! sigan asi.

  • An awesome end to the year love this so much.

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  • Great collection – happy new year.

  • Great job. Loved the pics

  • AMS

    Your site is wonderful! Thank you for bringing new art and artists into my life. Cheers, Ally

  • Dandanyeahman

    this is so great!
    i love boooooom and it will always be my homepage. inspires my own art everyday, i feel a very strong aesthetic here that i find as a milieu

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    This made my week.

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    Cool post. Came across because a friend recommended the website. :)

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  • i feel fat from the holidays.

    cheers everybody.

  • Nice photography selections! Congratulations on another year of growth and success.

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  • Fantastic lot! and cheers again for the flickr selection!

  • 5$ says that this year it will be 86 photos by 86 photographers..

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  • Joel

    A really amazing collection. Thanks again for a great year full of awesome art. Keep it up, and happy new year!

  • drea

    so lovely! thanks for such a great year of blogging and so much amazing artwork. i looooooove booooooom!!!!!!!

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  • awesome and often humorous collection! beautiful work. love the black swan (i think it’s a swan at least)

  • I equal parts love and hate that there’s no context.

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  • Deborah Antony

    Your site was part of a stumbleupon offering. What a gift. I would very much like to have a back story on many of this photos. It is so refreshing to see people in the world, creating, and re-creating their visual environment.

    Many thanks

    • im glad you made it here deborah! hope you stick around!

  • good photo,i like them

  • zw


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  • Simply brilliant work.

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