09.09.14 by Jeff

Jiehao Su


Photos by Beijing-based photographer Jiehao Su. More below.

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08.09.14 by Jeff

Timothy Mahoney


Photos by Timothy Mahoney. More below.

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08.09.14 by Jeff

Steven Paneccasio


Photos by Steven Paneccasio. More below.

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05.09.14 by Jeff

Monster Children’s 4th Annual Photo Competition


Calling all photographers, Monster Children’s Annual Photo Comp is now open for entries. There’s $25k to be won spread out across several different categories. Finalists will be exhibited in LA and NY, and works will be published in the upcoming photo annual.

If you’re interested in submitting work, get the full details here.

02.09.14 by Jeff

Rickard Aall


Portraits by photographer Rickard Aall. More below.

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02.09.14 by Jeff

“One Of Many” by Photographer Wesley Verhoeve


Photographer Wesley Verhoeve is traveling across the United States to meet creatives in specific cities, listen to their stories, and capture their portraits. He is visiting 12 cities, spending a week in each, and meeting upwards of 30 creatives every time.

The first photo essay has been posted, and it focuses on the creative community in Charleston, South Carolina. See it here.

02.09.14 by Jeff

William Hess


Photos by William Hess. More below.

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01.09.14 by Jeff

Nicholas Hawker


Photos by Nicholas Hawker. More below.

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