24.11.15 by Staff

Animation of the Day: The Jezabels “Come Alive”

Untitled-1 Untitled-2 Untitled-3

Terrific video for Australian indie rock outfit The Jezabels, directed by Darcy Prendergast and Xin Li over at Oh Yeah Wow. The expressive style was achieved through stop-motion, capturing real oil paint on glass, frame by frame! Check out “Come Alive” below!

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21.11.15 by Staff

Animation of the Day: “The Journey” by Joseph Atkinson


Funny little animation by London-based artist/animator Joseph Atkinson (a.k.a. José Fatkinson). Made in his final year of art school, check out “The Journey” below!

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19.11.15 by Jeff

Trippy Animated Gifs by Hayden Zezula


Loving these animated gifs by animator/designer Hayden Zezula (follow him on Instagram @Zolloc), currently based in New York, originally from Austin, Texas. More images below (the last one is a self portrait).

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18.11.15 by Staff

Trippy Animation of the Day: Unknown Mortal Orchestra “Necessary Evil”


Deceptively cute video, directed by Los Angeles-based artist/filmmaker Sean Solomon, for Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s dreamy track “Necessary Evil.” Fantastic animation work by Kirby Allen, Rachel Paek, Mark Ingram, Meghan Tryon, and Sarah Schmidt. Watch below as love goes wrong. Or is it right?

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18.11.15 by Staff

Animation of the Day: Ugo Gattoni’s Scarf Design for Hermès


Delightful animation of Paris-based illustrator Ugo Gattoni’s imaginary horse city slash scarf design for Hermès! Watch “Hippopolis” below!

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16.11.15 by Staff

Video of the Day: “Speed Dating” by Meghann Artes


Quirky short by award-winning filmmaker/animator, Meghann Artes. Especially love her use of handmade elements and bright colours. Artes’ hybrid animation/live-action style (which involves frame by frame pixilation using Dragonframe software, 2 Macs, and multiple cameras) also gives it a really fun, cartoony-vibe. Watch “Speed Dating” below!

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13.11.15 by Staff

Animated Piece Exploring Texture by Colors And The Kids


Short animation exploring texture by Berlin-based interdisciplinary design studio, Colors And The Kids. Watch below!

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11.11.15 by Jeff

Animation of the Day: Extrarradio “Devolverla Mejorada”


Love the vibe of this animated video by Barcelona-based studio Manson and artist Pau Sampera for Extrarradio’s “Devolverla Mejorada”. Watch it below.

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