06.06.14 by Jeff

Giulia Bersani


Photos by Giulia Bersani. More below.

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02.06.14 by Jeff

Maurizio Di Iorio


Photos by Italian photographer Maurizio Di Iorio. More below.

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29.05.14 by Jeff

Lucile Godin


Photos by Lucile Godin. More below.

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28.05.14 by Jeff

Geoffroy Mathieu


Photos by Geoffroy Mathieu. Marseille, France. More below.

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28.05.14 by Jeff

Ambroise Tézenas


Gorgeous photos by Ambroise Tézenas. Previously featured here. More below.

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27.05.14 by Jeff

Olivia Larrain


Photos by Olivia Larrain. More below.

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26.05.14 by Jeff

Todd Baxter


Photos by Todd Baxter. More below.

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22.05.14 by Jeff

Sponsored by Teva: Yumna Al-Arashi


Excited to see one of my internet buddies, photographer Yumna Al-Arashi, featured by Teva for their video series featuring all sorts of creatives. I included her in my Best of Instagram series awhile back, her feed is one of my favourites. You should follow her here: @yumnaaa.

I’ve included a bunch of my favourite images from her Instagram below, as well as the video!

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