Booooooom x Adobe

Remake Project

We're teaming up with Adobe on this project, and it's gonna be a fun one! The challenge here is to remake a masterwork of art as a photograph!

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Booooooom x MTV

Made of Imagination

Introducing Made of Imagination, a two-part project with our friends at MTV! So who wants to make some homemade instruments?

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Little Drifters

This project is open to people of all ages, students, lawyers, professional craft boat designers, “totally unartistic people”, bass-guitarists, wizards, cat-people, anyone who likes to have fun!

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Booooooom x Converse

Hack Job

Introducing “Hack Job”, our new project with Converse Skateboarding! Functional and completely non-functional skateboards built out of everything from bananas to laptop computers!

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Booooooom x Warner Bros

Wild Things' Forts

We're very excited to announce we're teaming up with Spike Jonze and his website (We Love You So) for a special Where The Wild Things Are project!

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