05.10.15 by Jeff

Music Video: Battles “The Yabba”


Battles always have such great videos! Roger Guàrdia directs this one (produced by CANADA) for their epic 7-minute long track “The Yabba”. I forgot how much I love this band. As soon as I finished this video I loaded up Timothy Saccenti’s video for their song “Atlas”, it’d been several years since I watched it, and it’s still a masterpiece.

Watch “The Yabba” (and “Atlas” if you’ve never seen it) below.

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02.10.15 by Jeff

Animation: Simpsons Pixels




I recently came across a whole bunch of these cool pixelated Simpsons characters on Tumblr and after clicking through several different pages I found Simpsons Pixels. Not sure how I completely missed this brilliant animation from way back in February (it’s unforgivable really).

All the looping animated gifs are characters from Ivan Dixon and Paul Robertson’s amazing pixelated Simpsons animation – watch it below! There’s so many great references.

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01.10.15 by Staff

Video of the Day: “Greenwood” by Adam Newport-Berra





Extremely satisfying video by Adam Newport-Berra, featuring Tom Bonamici and Derek Lasher handcrafting a post and rung stool from start to finish. Beautifully shot and paired with fantastic sound work by Mark Henry Phillips. Watch the full video below!

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01.10.15 by Jeff

Music Video: De Staat “Witch Doctor”

De Staat2

Outrageous video by Netherlands trio Ton Meijdam, Thom Snels, and Béla Zsigmond (a.k.a. Studio Smack) proves you can do a lot with a little! I feel like maybe it was inspired by this? (Probably not)

Watch the video for De Staat’s high energy track, “Witch Doctor,” followed by the behind-the-scenes making-of video below!

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30.09.15 by Staff

Nowness & Apartamento Tour Florence Welch’s Home


Wonderful segment of Nowness‘s collaboration with Apartamento Magazine provides an intimate glimpse into Florence Welch’s London home. Includes a tour of her Frida Kahlo inspired washroom, outdoor sanctuary, and workspace. Watch the full video below!

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30.09.15 by Staff

Animation of the Day: “Que Dalle”


Fantastic short animation by Caroline Cherrier, Hugo de Faucompret, Eva Lusbaronian, Arthus Pilorget, and Johan Ravit from Gobelins school of visual arts and communication in Paris. “Que Dalle” follows four young boys as they plot revenge against the lunch lady. Watch below!

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29.09.15 by Jeff

Music Video: Jo Goes Hunting “Run Away”


No CG in this video directed by Shai Langen, just a healthy amount of wallpaper paste and acrylic paint! Watch below.

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28.09.15 by Jeff

WTF Video of the Day: Wingsuit Footage That Will Make You Pee Yourself


Graham Dickinson and his filmer, The Great Dario, have a deathwish. This entire video is beyond comprehension; it almost looks like bad CG. Like if you dressed up your friend as superman and had him lie on a table in front of a green screen, or like Neo in whichever Matrix it was where he flew around everywhere.

I can’t believe this is real. According to Sploid they’re both flying at over 110 mph, inches from death. I’ve seen wingsuit footage before but not like this. Watch the footage below.

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