18.11.10 by Jeff

Kate Shaw

Paintings by Kate Shaw. Melbourne, Australia.

artist painter painting kate shaw
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01.10.10 by Jeff

You Were In My Dream

You Were In My Dream” is an incredible interactive animation project by Isobel Knowles and Van Sowerwine. You get the starring role in the animation (yes, that is my face!) provided you have a webcam. Notice how the shadow even goes over my face!!! Amazing.

you were in my dream interactive stop-motion animation paper
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17.09.10 by Jeff

Biggest marker in the universe!

Introducing the world’s largest marker, created by the good guys at Everfresh. Amazing! They also sent me over their beautiful new book, I’ll have it up on the site shortly (also amazing).

everfresh crew australia giant marker sculpture largest in the world
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27.08.10 by Jeff

Mark Alsweiler

Paintings by Mark Alsweiler. Sydney, Australia.

artist painter painting mark alsweiler
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09.08.10 by Jeff

Justine Khamara

Cut photographs by Justine Khamara. Melbourne, Australia.

justine khamara artist cut photographs installations sculptures
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28.06.10 by Jeff

Ryan Thomas Kenny

Photos by Ryan Thomas Kenny. Adelaide, Australia.

ryan thomas kenny photographer photography
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08.06.10 by Jeff

Alistair Dickinson

Photos by Alistair Dickinson. Perth, Australia.

alistair dickinson photographer photography
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16.05.10 by Jeff

Justin Lee Williams

Justin Lee Williams’ show “Nylon Chandelier” is up at Metro Gallery (Melbourne). It’s lookin’ really good!

justin lee williams artist australia metro gallery
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