30.10.15 by Jeff

Photographer Spotlight: Stefan Haehnel


A selection of photos by Berlin-based photographer Stefan Haehnel. More images below.

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30.10.15 by Jeff

An Inspiring Snapchat Story: How I Beat Stage IV Breast Cancer in 4 Months

christa wittmier-beats-cancer

My amazing friend Christa Wittmier was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer earlier this year and began using Snapchat to document her experience. 4 months later her scans miraculously showed no cancer in her body. Now she still has a ways to go, another cycle of chemo and then surgeries to remove her ovaries and then her breasts, but she is charging on.

A little excerpt from her blog:

“there are too many miracles that happened to list here but know that from here on out especially now i believe. i believe in god i believe in the power of positive intentions, positive thoughts and beyond all that i believe that you can put your mind to anything you want in life.

you have to know this.

please be good to each other. if there is anything i want you guys to learn from my experience is be mindful of how you treat each other. you never know when you may need to rely on the support of others to save a life. i pray that nobody has to go through that mental horror of thinking your life is over or of wanting it to be over.”

I’m so inspired by this woman! Have a look at her Snapchat story below, it might help you stay positive in the midst of your own life struggles.

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30.10.15 by Jeff

Illustrator Spotlight: Arina Shabanova


Painter’s Mansion by Ivan Khrutsky (1855)

Love this project by Moscow-based Russian illustrator Arina Shabanova, who recently shared her work in our October Reader Submissions. Shabanova took this painting by Ivan Khrutsky and reinterpreted it over and over, emphasizing various small details in the original.




Have a look at many more interpretations below.

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30.10.15 by Staff

Animation of the Day: James Franco Animated by Julian Glander


Wonderful animation by Pittsburgh-based artist Julian Glander! For this instalment of California Inspires Me, James Franco discusses growing up in Palo Alto and the time he spent working at the UCLA cafeteria after he dropped out to pursue acting. Watch the full video below!

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30.10.15 by Kimi Hamada

Log Paintings by Artist Alison Moritsugu


New York-based artist Alison Moritsugu’s log paintings are so meta your head might explode. The wood used in her log series are collected from the areas depicted on the landscapes she paints on them. The salvaged logs have all also fallen naturally and contribute to a larger environmental statement about our idealized and mistaken beliefs that the wilderness will always be there. More images below!

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30.10.15 by Jeff

Music Video: Conner Youngblood “The Badlands”

conner-youngblood conner-youngblood2

Conner Youngblood writes and produces his own music, playing everything from the harp to the clarinet on his EP The Generation of Lift. So it only makes sense that he’d also produce the music video for his latest single, “The Badlands”. Love the vibe of this one, directed by Johannes Greve Muskat. Watch it below.

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29.10.15 by Jeff

Photographer Spotlight: Cru Camara


Photos by Cru Camara, a student at SVA in New York, originally from Manila, Philippines. Love her work. More images below.

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29.10.15 by Jeff

Music Video: Skrillex & Diplo “TO U” Featuring AlunaGeorge


Nobody captures youth culture like director AG Rojas; whenever I see his name on a video I have to stop everything else and watch. Flawless casting here by Rojas and Elise Tyler, and gorgeous cinematography by Michael Ragen (who also shot that epic Run The Jewels video). Watch “TO U” below.

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