03.09.15 by Jeff

Fist Bump Crosswalk in Los Angeles


Alfredo Adán took it upon himself to make a crosswalk in Los Angeles a little more fun. Watch the video below.

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03.09.15 by Jeff

Animation: Ethereal ft. Lord Narf “Bump”


Aaron Vinton and Pete Puskas direct this glitched out 3D animated video for Ethereal and Lord Narf’s song “Bump” that travels deep into the uncanny valley. I always wonder if these kinds of videos annoy 3D animators or not. I have no way to gauge the amount of work it takes to produce this effect; is it an intentionally bad scan of a room using a Kinect camera?

Maybe someone can enlighten me with regard to the process in the comments below. For the time being, ignorance is bliss. Watch “Bump” below.

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02.09.15 by Jeff

Kanye West’s VMA Speech Recut as Seinfeld Stand-Up Routine


That’s gold, Jerry! Gold! TV writer David Elmaleh re-edited Kanye West’s VMA speech over the classic Seinfeld music and voilà! File under: Why I love the Internet. Via: AV Club and @Seinfeld2000.


02.09.15 by Jeff

Short Film: “In Search of the Miraculous” by Sam Kuhn


When I came across Sam Kuhn’s video for Here We Go Magic (two posts below this one) I immediately went poking around on Vimeo to see what else he made. I came across this beautiful little art film, which I believe was funded through Kickstarter, called “In Search of the Miraculous”.

I can’t fully express what it is that I enjoy so much about this film but a lot of it is the cinematography by Fantavious Fritz (his short film “Paradise Falls” is great).

The description for this film is: “A young man drawn silently towards the siren call of oblivion. A river of cinematic images and sounds flowing into an ocean. A yawning abyss. A woman. The last shot in this film could land someone in jail.”

They weren’t joking about the last shot. Watch “In Search of the Miraculous” below.

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02.09.15 by Staff

Obsessive Cut-Paper Artworks by Artist Calvin Nicholls


Amazing work by paper artist, Calvin Nicholls. Carefully formed from an initial hand-drawn template, the haut-relief effect is achieved through a meticulous process involving X-ACTO knives, scalpels, scissors, glue, and of course, a whole lot of time. A single piece can take weeks, and for the more elaborate ones, years to complete! More images below.

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02.09.15 by Jeff

Music Video: Here We Go Magic “Falling” Director’s Cut


Director’s cut of Sam Kuhn’s video for “Falling” by Here We Go Magic. Looks like it was shot on 16mm. Love the vibe! Watch the video below.

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01.09.15 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Daniel Dove


Fantastic urban abstracts by California-based artist and Cal Poly State University art professor, Daniel Dove. See more of Dove’s paintings below!

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01.09.15 by Jeff

8-Bit Miyazaki Films: Spirited Away & Princess Mononoke


This one’s for all you Hayao Miyazaki fans, a Studio Ghibli double feature by David Dutton, created as part of his “8-Bit Cinema” series. Animated classics, Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke, get brilliantly reinterpreted as old school video games. I just wish these were actually playable! Watch the films below!

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