28.11.15 by Staff

Video of the Day: Soupcans “Siamese Brutality”


You won’t see images being moved by hand and an exacto knife done as entertainingly as this! Check out Montreal-based filmmaker/miniaturist Winston Hacking’s “paperteering” skills at work in the video for Toronto punk band Soupcans’ track “Siamese Brutality” below!

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27.11.15 by Staff

Trippy Video of the Day: Sissi Rada “Sunday”


Images move in waves of fragmentation in this video for coquettish-electrodoompop duo Sissi Rada by schnellebuntebilder (a.k.a. Sebastian Huber, Robert Pohle and Johannes Timpernagel). Watch “Sunday” below!

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25.11.15 by Staff

Music Video: “Hamidasumo!” (Heaven & Hell Remix)


There’s nothing that could be said to prepare you for this bizarre video for the Heaven & Hell remix of You’ll Melt More!’s “Hamidasumo!” you’ll just have to watch it below! The song is excruciating though so you can let me know in the comments how far into it you got before you had to mute it.

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24.11.15 by Staff

Animation of the Day: The Jezabels “Come Alive”

Untitled-1 Untitled-2 Untitled-3

Terrific video for Australian indie rock outfit The Jezabels, directed by Darcy Prendergast and Xin Li over at Oh Yeah Wow. The expressive style was achieved through stop-motion, capturing real oil paint on glass, frame by frame! Check out “Come Alive” below!

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20.11.15 by Staff

Music Video: Barotti “She Once Knew”


London-based director Camilla Mantovani creates the perfect mood in this video for Berlin-based musician/artist, Barotti’s track “She Once Knew.” Striking choreography by Anna Anderegg (performed by Maksim Tokarew) as well. Watch below!

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19.11.15 by Staff

Music Video: Total Makeover “Self Destructive”


Sweet yet not so simple music video for Brooklyn band, Total Makeover’s synth-laden track. Directed by Phillip Van, “Self Destructive” is a kind of classic boy-meets-girl narrative. Only this time around it’s more like boys-meet-girls as our love-struck hero literally fights with other versions of himself upon meeting the girl(s) of his dreams. Watch below!

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18.11.15 by Staff

Trippy Animation of the Day: Unknown Mortal Orchestra “Necessary Evil”


Deceptively cute video, directed by Los Angeles-based artist/filmmaker Sean Solomon, for Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s dreamy track “Necessary Evil.” Fantastic animation work by Kirby Allen, Rachel Paek, Mark Ingram, Meghan Tryon, and Sarah Schmidt. Watch below as love goes wrong. Or is it right?

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18.11.15 by Jeff

Music Video: Yung Lean “Hoover”


Dunno what’s really happening in this rather abstract video for Yung Lean’s “Hoover”, directed by Leo Siboni, but somehow it fits the unrelenting vibe of the song. Watch it below.

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