29.09.15 by Jeff

Music Video: Jo Goes Hunting “Run Away”


No CG in this video directed by Shai Langen, just a healthy amount of wallpaper paste and acrylic paint! Watch below.

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28.09.15 by Jeff

Music Video: Saintseneca “River”


Saintseneca get a new video from the Zenga Bros (you might remember the epic video we made with them). As with all the Zenga films, this one is bursting with life and, if you ever jumped a ramp as a kid, a heavy dose of nostalgia. Watch the video for Saintseneca’s “River” below!

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24.09.15 by Staff

Music Video: Aidan Knight “All Clear”


Consider this your Canadian content for the day! Excellent video by Victoria, B.C.-based production duo Ft. Langley (OPD Brooks and William Wilkinson) for experimental folk band, Aidan Knight (whose lead singer songwriter/namesake also hails from Victoria).

We asked Wilkinson about the original vision for the video and where the team’s inspiration came from:

“We really wanted to make a low quality CG Aidan Knight do dumb things. It started as a writers room joke, but it made us laugh too hard to just let go of it.

I had seen this TV movie Pirates of Silicon Valley that has a scene where young Steve Jobs is screaming in a pitch black room as a form of therapy. It’s apparently called Primal Therapy, and it was briefly popular in California in the 70s. It was a big inspiration.

We found CG modelling software that let us build characters (like The Sims) and as soon as our beautiful polygon Aidan was birthed we were in love. The software is called Mixamo and it has this hilarious catalog of character animations that’s mainly geared towards games developers. We only got to use a fraction of our favourites because they were too weird, like having the character mime using a wheelchair, or walking like a ogre.

We teamed up with our friend Justin Steele and he built our Tron desert for CG Aidan to lose his mind in, we love how it turned out.

Our goal with the animation was to make it look like a band had spent a lot of money in the early 80s to make a really impressive animated sequence that wasn’t worth it. We did everything we could to simulate the processes and quality degradation involved in 80s animation, with hand aligned layers wiggling slightly, flickering, and the softness of transferring from tape to celluloid.”

Watch “All Clear” below!

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21.09.15 by Jeff

Animation: Prefuse 73 “Still Pretending”


Animator Adam Fuchs aka Lilfuchs channels a little M.C. Escher in this animation for Prefuse 73’s track “Still Pretending”. I feel like the wavy ramp may be a little nod to the classic pinball animation from Sesame Street. Watch the video below.

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18.09.15 by Jeff

Music Video: The Shoes “Drifted”


The Shoes latest video, directed by Montreal-based directors Dent de Cuir, is a celebration of GIF culture. The whole video is a mouse dragging various pre-edited animated gifs around a desktop but the results are a lot more entertaining than they sound (it was just awarded a Vimeo Staff Pick).

Not sure how James Van Der Beek feels about being the star of this video. Watch “Drifted” below.

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18.09.15 by Jeff

Video of the Day: Cold Specks “Neuroplasticity”

Cold-Specks-Neuroplasticity Cold-Specks-Neuroplasticity2

This is a stunner of a video, maybe the best music video I’ve seen all year. It actually feels more like a short film than a music video clocking in around 8 minutes. Gorgeous cinematography, perfect casting, this really is as good as it gets. More flawless work by Canadian born, Los Angeles-based, director Alex Takacs aka Young Replicant.

Watch the video for “Neuroplasticity” below!

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15.09.15 by Staff

Music Video: Raury “Friends”


Beautifully shot video directed by Duncan Winecoff. “Friends” follows Raury and his friend Jeremy for a good old-fashioned road trip. That is, if they had Twitter back in the day. Watch below!

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14.09.15 by Staff

Music Video: Urmutter “Gone Home”


Perfectly meandering visuals for Urmutter’s unique track “Gone Home.” Watch the video, directed by Adam Bonke, below!

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