20.01.15 by Jeff

Pia Riverola


Photos by Pia Riverola. More images below.

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19.01.15 by Jeff

Geordie Wood


A selection of photos from “Nice Twice (India)”, a series by Brooklyn-based photographer Geordie Wood. More below.

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16.01.15 by Jeff

Fred Huening


Photos by German photographer Fred Huening. More below.

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16.01.15 by Jeff

Marta Verheyen


Photos by Barcelona-based Marta Verheyen Maynau. Found via our January Submissions. More below.

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15.01.15 by Jeff

Portraits of Japanese Kids with Fruit on their Shoulders by Photographer Osamu Yokonami


I love these portraits, by Japanese photographer Osamu Yokonami, so much! Lots of images below.

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15.01.15 by Jeff

Alexi Hobbs


Photos by Alexi Hobbs, a photographer living and working in Montreal. More images below.

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09.01.15 by Jeff

Hiromi Kakimoto


Hard to tell what’s real in these photos by Hiromi Kakimoto.

“I am interested in the process of devising a story, first creating a mental image that I can translate into an actual photograph, then using that photo as a source of inspiration for new, related images, and taking new photos. While these images sometimes reflect everyday life, there is a constant undercurrent of the dream world, which reveals images from the unconscious, and of synchronicity, mythology, and the sources of stories.”

More images below.

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08.01.15 by Jeff

Photographer Spotlight: Joyce Kim

We recently teamed up with Encinitas-based watch and accessories brand, Nixon, to spotlight a unique, California artist producing innovative work. We asked Los Angeles-based photographer Joyce Kim to capture some snapshots of her life that represent the Nixon theme “Wake Up And Live”. She channeled this mantra into her life and art, creating a shot-by-shot video to convey her own understanding of seizing the moment and living life to the fullest.

Joyce is part of a really talented crew of friends that are all on the cusp of big things in L.A. (you may recognize some of them in the video below). We thought it would be fun to skip the typical interview and just show you life through her eyes. Allow us to introduce, Joyce Kim.