18.04.16 by Jeff

Karl Hab “24H Los Angeles”


Paris-based photographer Karl Hab’s new book “24H Los Angeles”, with an introduction from New York-based artist Daniel Arsham. More images below.

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12.04.16 by Staff

Photographer Spotlight: Florent Tanet


French photographer Florent Tanet explores balance and stability using everyday objects without the use of Photoshop. A collaboration with AD Arthur King for Feelings Magazine, see more images from “Equilibrium” below!

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08.04.16 by Staff

Photographer Spotlight: Arianna Lago


Vibrant series of observational photography and staged organics by Arianna Lago. See more images from “Color” below.

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07.04.16 by Staff

Photographer Spotlight: Greer Muldowney


Boston-based photographer Greer Muldowney chronicles the changes to New England’s landscape in light of green energy initiatives. Due to extremely lucrative tax breaks, the abrupt appearance of wind turbines in certain areas can’t help but draw attention to developers’ opportunism more than their commitment to the environment. Some images are so awkward you’d think they were photoshopped. See more from “Urban Turbines” below.

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07.04.16 by Staff

Photographer Spotlight: Erik Snyder


Selected work by New York City-based photographer Erik Snyder (also the bassist in indie rock band Drowners). More images below.

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06.04.16 by Jeff

Photographer Spotlight: Ali Mobasser


A selection of photos from “Reflections” by London-based photographer Ali Mobasser. He says the street photography is inspired by his “three-year old son’s fearlessness and his unabashed willingness to engage with the world around him.”

More images below.

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05.04.16 by Staff

Photographer Spotlight: Alex Strohl


We previously posted the video profile “Stay & Wander” featuring our friend, photographer Alex Strohl and his partner Andrea Dabene documenting people who have chosen to live in extremely remote areas across Europe. Well the book mentioned in that video, Alternate Living, is now available! Check out more gorgeous images from Strohl’s travels below.

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05.04.16 by Staff

Photography Series Captures Aftermath of Fukushima Nuclear Disaster


Retrace Our Steps is a long-term project by French photographers Carlos Ayesta and Guillaume Bressio that explores how notions of “home” change in the face of disaster, documenting residents evacuated during the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster five years ago as they revisit the places that were once so familiar. More images below.

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