08.10.13 by Jeff

Instagram Takeover: Mimi Jung

Instagram Takeover: Mimi Jung

This week the @Booooooom Instagram account is being taken over by my pal, Mimi Jung @BrookandLyn. If you haven’t already read it, you should peep my full interview with her over here.

If you already read the interview (or you know her work because you know everything) then you know how good this is gonna be!



04.10.13 by Jeff

100-50-1: Fifty of the World’s Most Talented Mobile Photographers

100-50-1 Photo Fifty of the World's most talented mobile photographers

100 portraits. 50 photographers. 1 camera. 100-50-1 is a photo exhibition opening next month in San Francisco produced in conjunction with The NWBLK. The show features the work of fifty of the world’s most talented mobile photographers. By mobile photographers I mean photographers who shoot on mobile phones.

Money raised from the sale of the exhibition catalog will go towards a charity called 100cameras which empowers kids around the world, through photography.

The roster for this show is kinda insane, most of the heavy hitters on Instagram are in this show. Take a look at the full list below (with links to each photographer’s Instagram in case you wanna follow them, not that they need anymore followers, but do it anyways).

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02.10.13 by Jeff

Agnes Thor

Photographer Agnes Thor

Photos by Agnes Thor. See more below!

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01.10.13 by Jeff

Instagram Takeover: Jennilee Marigomen

instagram takeover: jennilee marigomen

I’m very excited to welcome Vancouver-based photographer, and friend, Jennilee Marigomen @jennileem as the next guest poster on our @Booooooom Instagram account.

She was one of the earliest supporters of this blog, and has become one of my favourite photographers over the years. I love her ability to find beauty in the mundane, and the quality of light she captures. If the pacific northwest has a photographic style she effortlessly embodies it.

Follow us if you want to see what she posts over the next 7 days, and make sure you follow her personal account as well.




29.09.13 by Jeff

Best of Kickstarter: “Home Is Where You Park It” by Foster Huntington

Best of Kickstarter: Home Is Where You Park It book by Foster Huntington

In July 2011, Foster Huntington (@fosterhunting) left his job and moved out of his NY apartment and hit the road in his VW Vanagon. In two years he put more than 80,000 miles on his odometer, surfing, and meeting other people who were also living in their vans. He started documenting these vehicles and tagging them with #vanlife on Instagram.

Foster is now raising money to publish a book of his travels called “Home Is Where You Park It”. Take a look at the video below!

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27.09.13 by Jeff

Amy Harrity

Photographer Amy Harrity

Photos by Amy Harrity. See more below!

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27.09.13 by Jeff

Laura Austin

Photographer Laura Austin

Photos of Iceland by Laura Austin. More below!

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26.09.13 by Jeff

Kamil Bialous

Photographer Kamil Bialous

Photos by Kamil Bialous, Vancouver. See more below!

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