31.07.13 by Jeff

Jinjoo Hwang

Jinjoo Hwang photography photographer

Photos by Jinjoo Hwang. See more below!

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24.07.13 by Jeff

“Fifth Element” by Marija Strajnic / Book Giveaway

Fifth Element book by Marija Strajnic

Photographer Marija Strajnic has released a little book about destruction, and I have a copy to give away! If you wanna snag it, leave a nice comment for Marija. More images below!

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22.07.13 by Jeff

Ester Grass Vergara

Ester Grass Vergara photography

Photos by Ester Grass Vergara. More below!

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16.07.13 by Jeff

Lukasz Wierzbowski

Lukasz Wierzbowski photographer

Photos by Lukasz Wierzbowski.

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11.07.13 by Jeff

Brian Vu

Photographer Brian Vu
Photos by Brian Vu. Brooklyn, New York.

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11.07.13 by Jeff

Ryan Cookson

Photographer Ryan Cookson
Photos by Ryan Cookson. More below!

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08.07.13 by Staff

“Solaroids” by Jeff McLane

solaroids by artist jeff mclane
“Solaroids” are unique prints, produced using large format Fuji instant film, which undergo long exposures of direct UV light. I love that hazy, mysterious feel! See more below.

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04.07.13 by Jeff

Ben DeHaan

Photographer Ben DeHaan
“Uncured”,  a series of photos by Ben DeHaan. The images are untreated with UV light, allowing the inks to drip over time. See more below!

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