23.12.13 by Jeff

My Year In Photos (2013) by Jeff Hamada




Here’s a small selection of photos I took in 2013. When I look at them all I feel very blessed to have a job where I get to travel a bit. This year I was able to fly all over the US, and added new stamps to my passport in Australia, Ireland, and Vietnam.

The photo above is not a camera trick, it’s a real dandelion (possibly radioactive) that I found with my sister in a field in Richmond. I don’t think the rest of the images need any sort of description, but if you’re wondering where any of them are from just ask in the comments below. If you already follow me on Instagram (@jeffhamada) you might remember some of these.

Enjoy the photos below!

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19.12.13 by Jeff

Olivia Larrain Heiremans


Photos by Olivia Larrain Heiremans. Santiago, Chile.

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16.12.13 by Jeff

Rebecca Reeve


“Marjory’s World I”, a photo series by photographer Rebecca Reeve. More below.

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11.12.13 by Jeff

Max Eicke


Photos by Max Eicke, based in Munich, Germany.

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10.12.13 by Jeff

Yahoo News: Photos of the Year 2013






Yahoo News has collected images from Associated Press, Reuters News Agency and Getty and posted a gallery of what they feel are the best photos of 2013. See the full gallery here.

10.12.13 by Jeff

Sam Bebbington


Photos by Sam Bebbington. See more below.

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09.12.13 by Jeff

Erik Wahlstrom


Photos by Erik Wahlstrom. Stockholm, Sweden. See more below.

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